Official updates and announcements

*Sunday, Nov 6th… A Performance Tribute at Marygrove College*

From 4pm to 7pm.  The event is free (though donations to the memorial fund are encouraged!)  Music, poetry, and spoken word performances, open mic, refreshments.   (Click on flier to see details!)




*1st Annual Blair’s Crowded House on Saturday, Sept 17th*

In honor of Blair’s legendary Crowded House events, friends and family are launching an annual Blair’s Crowded House, on the weekend of his birthday.  This year’s event has around 40 performers, videos of Blair, a photo exhibit, and a time for writing remembrances.  Admission by sliding scale donation ($5 to $50).  7pm to 2am at Tangent Gallery / Hastings St. Ballroom.  (Click below to view flier.)


* David Blair Memorial Fund*

You may donate by clicking the button to the right.  Donations may also be mailed to Blair Memorial Fund/ 812 Blaine St / Detroit, MI / 48202.  If you are writing a check please make payable to Matthew Hale and write Blair Memorial Fund in memo line.


* Click HERE to Post Thoughts and Remembrances*

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5 Responses to Official updates and announcements

  1. This sounds perfect!
    Memorial Hall is beautiful (my parents were married in that room, but it won’t be large enough for sure- we need McCollester too! Please inquire…

  2. Joseph Simpson says:

    I know my brother well enough to believe that he would smile at this silly haiku:
    I look to see my
    Brother Blair. He is not there.
    He’s everywhere!

  3. Honeycomb says:

    Blair, although I didn’t spend the kind of time with you I really wish I had, I’ve always been very fond of you. I’m just happy I at least told you that. I have never seen a human being live his poetry/music the way you did. That last poem you wrote about Nina Simone where you incorporated French almost had me in tears. Nobody worked as hard as you to take the listener into your world and for that I appreciate you. You have made me want to be a better writer time and time again and though you had no concept of time anytime we slammed :-) I am so grateful that you lost yourself in your work the way you did.

    I am better for having known you and I shall treasure your book and your message to me always…

    Much love and undying respect,


  4. Alaina says:

    I never paid you for the book. We did a trade. And yours was better than mine. I so loved that you agreed to grace the stage with me and for me. I so loved you. Moved me to tears everytime I watched you. Moved me to laughter right after when I thought I couldn’t take another drop. Now I will pay you back for that wonderful tome and that wonderful night.

  5. Reba says:

    Blair made such an impression on packed auditoriums at two high schools in my school district a few years ago. He held each and every student in the palm of his hand with his magic words. The kids talked about him for months. He will be missed.

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